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For Sales Professionals

Understanding the ecosystem and language of the core infrastructure driving our modern digital economy has become a unique and strategic advantage. Our proprietary training materials, live bootcamps, and online training will help you evolve beyond the transaction, qualify faster and become a value-added resource for your clients.

One Simple Bootcamp

We've trained hundreds of industry professionals with a 100% success rate of delivering a valuable, and in most cases, "career changing" experience. Whether you are a seasoned sales pro, recent hire or experienced buyer, our materials and bootcamps will bring you up to speed quickly and take your career to the next level... GUARANTEED.

For Infrastructure Buyers

This is NOT some 2–day industry networking shmoozefest or mind-numbing lecture conference. Our agnostic training platform is guaranteed to significantly accelerate your career and save you time and money when you perform any serious evaluation or negotiation for the core infrastructure assets and services supporting your business.

Some Of Our World Class Clients

What People Are Saying

Richard Donaldson, Director Global Managed Services, eBay

Having bought and sold many megawatts worth of power within data centers around the world and started and sold a managed services firm in the past, I can assure you the Delta Force IT boot camps should be the de facto training for anyone who wishes to take themselves seriously in the industry.

Bill Norton, Chief Strategy Officer, IIX, Dr. Peering

These guys run a strong workshop based on actual experience in the field. You will learn the essentials - there is no fluff in this material - and be better positioned to do you job. What more could you ask from a workshop?

Farrah Kashef, VP of Business Development, Unitas Global

The volume of knowledge and experience brought to the table during these events is impressive to say the least. Even if you only retain a fraction of the materials covered, you can not help but walk away a more sophisticated and savvy seller… or buyer for that matter.

David Hotaki, Account Executive, SunGard Availability Services, LP

This was by far the best training I have ever been through. I learned a ton of information and sincerely appreciated the hands on support and overall design of the bootcamp. Having a third party expert provide an overall view of the industry is far more valuable than learning through the eyes of any one company perspective.

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